How It All Works

It's all really very simple!  You can just watch the video for general instructions as it is impossible for us to know each different computer and device as well as every different operating system with browsers at different update levels that are constantly changing.


Lesson Selection

Search for the lessons from the menu side bar by category or from the lesson list with all lessons listed in alphabetical order.  All lessons have descriptions telling you about the lesson,how long they are and what files are included.  Many have demos on the description page or you can veiw them at or the Youtube link at the bottom of every page to see all of our demos and more.  If you want to purchase a lesson simply click "Add to Cart" on the description page, you can continue to shop and add more lessons to your cart and check out when you're done shopping.


Pay with your Paypal account or use your credit or debit card processed by, a trusted name in credit card banking.  For more payment information go to .

How to Download   Please note: It is impossible for us to know each different computer and device as well as every different operating system with browsers at different update levels that are contiually changing. We have provide a video and written instructions with general instrucions but it is up to you to know precisely how your systems work.

Most video lessons are available in two formats WMV (Windows Media Video) for PC users and Mp4 typically for Mac and Ipod users.  The newer lessons are available in M4V format for PC and Mac. You will need Windows Media Player, Quicktime or Flip4Mac or  loaded on your computer to view the videos.  If you are having problems playing the file we suggest downloading the VLC player, which is an easy to use cross-platform multimedia player.  You can get the free VLC player here   For the tab and notation you will need Adobe or other PDF reader to open the PDF files.   These programs should already be on your computer or there are free downloads available by clicking on the blue links above.  WinZip maybe needed for just a few of the audio lessons. 

FOR IPAD USERS: Mp4s have to be converted to an Ipad format,   Here's a free converter
Or Google "How to download Mp4 Ipad" for other solutions.

For Mac Users, special instructions click here.

Some user prefer using Flip4Mac to download WMV files. MP4 files are  larger files and take longer to download depending on your Internet connection and speed. Also when using Safari if the PDF will not open, try right clicking on any PDF, select Get Info, then Open With drop down select Preview and click on Change All.  Preview is the reader for practically anything and is much faster to launch and present the information than Adobe Reader.

Be sure you have all the latest updates for your browser to function properly.  Sometimes it is necessary to turn off the pop up blocker under the tools option to view all pages on our website and download the videos without problems.  For Explorer users you will find the pop up blocker under"Tools" and  the updates under "Safety" both on the upper right side.  For Firefox updates go to "Help" in the upper left.

If you have problems connecting to the download links you may need to reboot your computer and/or your dsl box.  And again be sure you have all the latest updates for your browser and turn off the pop up blocker under the tools option. You will find more tips to keep your computer running efficiently at 

Here's a few things you can do to insure that you can always access the download lessons you have purchased.

1.  After you make your purchase you will be emailed a page from 99 Cent Guitar Lessons that will contain a single link. If you do not receive this page, please check your junk mail.  When you click on the emailed link it will open a page with a list of each lesson or set that you purchased. Each of those links will open an HTML page containing all the links specific to that lesson WMV, MP4, PDF, MP3 and/or ZIP files.  When you left click on the "Click here" a box will open and prompt you on how you want to open this page.  Choose your browser, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc ten click OK.

2.  Once you have the HTML page open with the WMV, MP4, PDF, MP3, etc links--
For Firefox you can right click anywhere on this page (or on "File" in the upper right) and select "Save Page As" which will let you save this HTML page to your hard drive.
For Explorer click "Page" in the upper left then go to "Save Page As".  Now you will always have that page with the links although you will have to be on line to access the links.  Or you can "Bookmark This Page" so you'll always be able to go to that HTML page again to retrieve the links but you have to be on line.

3.  To save the individual WMV, MP4, PDF or ZIP files, go to the HTML page, right click on the "Click to Download" link for  the WMV, MP4, PDF or ZIP file then select "Save Link As" this will download this entire file to your hard drive so you will always have it and you will not have to be on line to play it.

We recommend creating a file on your hard drive like "Guitar College Lessons" and use the 2nd and 3rd options to retain your purchased links or files. We also recommend that you back up your files once you have them saved in case of a hard drive failure.

Please be patient, some of these videos are up to one hour in length and depending on your Internet connection and speed may take quite some time to download.

If you are receiving an error message go to Easy fixes for common computer problems

After you have followed those steps email us at if you continue have any problems.  Please give us your name, the lesson your are having trouble with, and describe the problem and at what stage in the process it occurs.


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