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In the video Rich explains the importance of the novice jazz guitar player to learn licks verbatim to assimilate the sound and feel of the style. One dozen, cool sounding, introductory jazz licks to inspire you to start creating your own jazz licks and solos.  These licks correspond to the chord shapes used in the Dirty Dozen Jazz Chords for comping popular jazz standards.   Rich stresses the connection of the phrase to the chord shape, discusses the details of each lick and points out the target notes and arpeggios.  Licks 1-4 are all major sounds while 5 & 6 are minor sounds but at the end of the first video session he shows you how turn the major licks to minor in the home key by transposing the entire line.  In the next session 7-12, the first two licks are over a static Dominant 7th chord, the next two over a 2-5-1 progression in minor and the last two over a 2-5-1 progression in major. These licks will give you a starting point for solos and help you get a feel for jazz phrasing.   56 minute video demonstrated slowly and close up on the fretboard with printable PDF in tab and standard notation.

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