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*2+* SHAPE LICKS 1-12 (Demo)

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Shape licks are based on a the shape of a musical cell as it lays on the guitar.  The cell is then transposed to different string groups either on the same frets or other frets to help the cell conform to the harmony.  The result is a phrase that is easier to play that can sound musically complex.  This concept can be a valuable tool for soloing and can offer some "outside" sounds.  Guaranteed to add a new dimension to your playing.

In this video lesson you will learn twelve "Shape Licks" that will get you started in thinking in terms of a melodic guitar shape. They are written over Min7th, Dom7th and Maj7th chords.  Some are also written over ll, V7 l chord progressions.  44 minute video with explanations, demonstrated slowly and close up on the fretboard for fingering then played over the chord so you can hear the melodic effect. Includes printable PDF in tab and notation.

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